Jeannie Gaffigan - Writer and Executive Producer of The Jim Gaffigan show


Writer and Executive Producer of


Season 2 Sunday nights on TV Land 10/9c


Jeannie talks about writing the Jeannie character

Jeannie co-hosts the late late show on CBS.


The first comedy special she co-wrote and executive produced - Beyond The Pale: Jim Gaffigan (2006) - achieved Platinum sales for CD and DVD.

Next was the highly successful King Baby (2009), which she co-wrote, executive produced and wrote the opening sequence film for the Comedy Central special, directed by Troy Miller.

Jeannie was the writer and director of several promotional films for tours and specials, including Hot Pocket Revenge starring Todd Glass, featuring a cameo by 9 months pregnant Jeannie! Jeannie and her kids can also be seen in the promo film, Mr.Universe Infomercial.

Jeannie also co-produced Pale Force, created by Paul Noth, for Conan O’Brien with Jim Gaffigan, Paul Noth and Patrick Noth.

She is also a writer of sketch comedy, stand up and short films. Her co-writing on Pale Force received an Emmy nomination.

Jeannie co-wrote and executive produced Jim’s comedy albums, “Luigi’s Doghouse” (2000), “Economics II” (2000), “More Moo Moos” (2003) and “The Last Supper” (2004).